Our Team

We are a highly dedicated team of Registered Nurses and technical architects with over 100 years of combined clinical, technical and leadership experience.

We love helping others “move the outcomes dot” in the right direction.
Let us help you achieve what may seem impossible.

Amy Ricords

Amy RicordsMEd, BSN, RN-BC

Chief Nursing Officer
Amy has experience with Acute Care, Home Care, and Rehab nursing. She has spent most of her career in senior nursing leadership at an academic medical center. She bakes killer chocolate chip cookies and feeds them to her spirit animal, which is an armadillo.
Kim Yeager


Clinical Liaison
Kim got her BSN at an Ivy League school and has extensive nursing experience in ICUs, high-volume EDs, and in helicopters. She secretly wants to win a 100-mile bike race.
Bethany Thierolf

Bethany ThierolfRN, CHES

Clinical Liaison
Bethany has expertise in Med-Surg and Cardiac nursing. She enjoys long walks on the beach, and once built secure conference rooms in the Pentagon.
Herb Ricords


Healthcare Solutions Architect
Herb collects random letters behind his name. He secretly enjoys hiking and wrecking on his mountain bike.
Spencer Bittner

Spencer Bittner

Senior Healthcare Integration Engineer
Spencer has designed, configurated, and integrated a wide variety of healthcare and control system for more than decade. Hobbies include woodworking, gardening, and finding ways around the answers “No” and “Not possible”.
Drew Reinhard

Drew Reinhard

Healthcare / IT Network Specialist
Drew’s experiences include system designs, installations, upgrades, and remote support for various healthcare institutions. He wishes he could use his past experiences to coach his favorite sport, football, but chose the less time consuming field of healthcare and IT.
Chris Hoyt

Chris Hoyt

Technical Sales Support
Chris has 20+ years professional experience in IT, networking, and technology systems. He aspires to build and drive racecars, but realizes he's got to eat and pay his bills.
Laurie McCarthy

Laurie McCarthyMSN, RN

Clinical Liaison
Laurie has nearly 20 years’ inpatient nursing experience. She holds a Masters in Nursing Education and worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator for Informatics, helping to streamline and deliver technology education for a large academic medical center. She likes chasing 3 small kids (hers) and shopping.
Michelle Fisher

Michelle FisherMSN, RN

Clinical Liaison
Michelle has nearly 20 years’ inpatient nursing experience in a teaching hospital. She holds a Masters in Nursing Administration and has extensive experience in Nursing Informatics. She likes heavy metal and long walks on the beach.
Brian Ritchey

Brian RitcheyCCDA, Network

Healthcare Systems Engineer
Brian has a wide range of experience in integrated systems technology including systems design, networking and software configuration. Outside of work, Brian enjoys bicycling, time with family and boating.

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